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Your family, home, auto, and your business are all important to you and we can help best protect them.
At Galaxy Insurance/Takaful Services, we work for you. As your insurance/takaful advisor, we guide you through every step of the process including navigating any unique risks you face, plus provide an array of comprehensive insurance/takaful options. 

Medical Insurance/Takaful

Escalating healthcare costs poses a great challenge. Taking up an a comprehensive international medical insurance can help cover the cost of medical treatment. Certain plans facilitate direct payments to the medical services provider.

Corporate Insurance/Takaful

The typical cover entails,  Group  Hospitalisation and Surgical, Group Major Medical, Group Term Life and Group Personal Accident. Galaxy has arranged an exclusive package, created specially for corporate client.
This package provides for All Risks cover on Building, Furniture, Fittings including office equipment

Personal Insurance/Takaful

your financial security is our priority. We will identify your unique personal risks, then customise a solution that works for you. Then, as time goes on, we will review your solution
Altering it to meet your changing life circumstances – no matter how complex your situation is


A healthy employee is a happy employee, and having a happy workforce is crucial to the long-term success of any company. The main purpose of any company is to make profits, and that can only be achieved when every employee is giving 100% to his or her job Corporate Health Insurance coverage can give your company the edge you need to hit that 100%
Providing health insurance for employees isn’t a luxury anymore, it’s a prerequisite to attracting and retaining skilled workers. In fact, most employees say that the most important benefit offered to them through their job is health insurance. This is because many people simply do not seek out individual health insurance plans due to various constraints. Most companies however do not have the time or resources to undertake healthcare management on their own, and that’s where we come in. Insurance Company will manage all the health care needs of your staff, from a minor hospital checkup up to acute emergencies. We will take care of each and every step and ensure that the most effective health treatments are provided to your staff, saving you from administrative hassles and giving you the peace of mind only security can bring. Health insurance will also help to reduce your personal health care expenses as a business owner. This is because the premiums are likely to be much lower than for individual health expenses reimbursed by the company and the coverage will be much broader.

Establishment of Galaxy

Establishment of Galaxy Underwriting Agency Pte. Ltd. to act as authorised underwriting agents for insurance companies in Singapore. 1982 – 1983

Development of Special Group Schemes

Development of Special Group Schemes for member companies and organisations affiliated with the National Council of Social Service (Karachi),  Chamber of Commerce and other affiliation groups.

Obtained the license

Galaxy obtained the license to operate as Direct Insurance Brokers with Exempt Financial Advisors status. 2005

Expansion of Galaxy’s partnership

Expansion of Galaxy’s partnership network through specialised agreements in Malaysia, Pakistan, Thailand, Hong Kong and the Middle East


We are licensed insurance advisors and represent multiple insurance companies.

At Galaxy Insurance Group, by representing different insurance companies, we can provide our clients a unique variety of policies and price points. Everyone’s insurance needs are unique; your coverage should match your specific needs. 

We find the best solutions to fit your needs and simplify the process. We do the shopping so you can save and get the best possible coverage. That’s what we strive to do.

Because we are an independent insurance agency, we have access to all top-rated carriers, bringing you the power of choice. We shop your coverage needs to find the right combination of service, coverage, and price.


In today’s ever-changing environment, the risk is constant.

Different businesses have different needs but in every industry, there are plenty of risk situations that could financially impact your company. We will thoroughly assess your business and situation to develop creative, comprehensive, cost-effective solutions that fit your needs.
Galaxy Insurance/takaful Services offers policy options for restaurants, churches, non-profits, contractors, businesses and more. Let us explore the best policy for your specialized needs. 

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